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Alittle about myself:  I am the founder of Tornado Alley Disc dogs.  Starting out, my training struggled with trial and error and U-tube. So, My passion and desire is to grow the sport of Canine Disc through mentorship, training, teaching, competitions, holding events and seminar's for new disc doggers as well as advanced.  I love the Disc dog community.  My Girls have taken me places I have never been both physically and emotionally.  I have been training and playing Disc Dog since 2010.  I work at a local Animal Welfare Shelter.  My future plan is to build an Event Center! 

My personal Moto:  "I will make a difference, I can make a change!"              

                            Meet my Girls!!!                 and yes my favorite color is purple!

Miss Diva is a 5 yr old female Mini Aussie who loves to flip and Fly High.  She has been to the World Finals every year of her life.  She has changed my life and taken me to places I could only dream of. Currently 7th in the world.

Miss Ruby is a 2 yr old female Toy Aussie who loves to Twirl and Eat the Frisbee's.  She has been to the World Finals for the past two years.  She is an amazing addition to my team and there is no telling what the future holds for this little spit fire. Currently 17th in the world.

Meet the New pack Member: Miss Suzie Q


Get a Border Collie they said,,, it will be fun they said, then after getting one they say welcome to the dark side????  Not sure what everyone meant... 

BUT I DO NOW!!! she is one independent little beast.....

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